As many colorways as you may imagine

Module for the fast and easy colorway creation of a design,  
using personal or imported color libraries. 

nT Colorations allows to create colorways of a design in an easy and fast way.

With this module you can make colorways with grayscale separations -when working with multi-channel documents-, or apply a curve and print mode and make a production simulation. 

Our calibration system for textile printing is unique, and allows to generate ICC profiles for printers of more than 4 colors (multicolor, 6, 8, 10 inks, etc.).

The monitor may be calibrated and then obtain a simulation of our colors before they are printed, even for different printers -paper, textile, coating, ceramic, etc.-.

Customized color libraries or imported ones from other systems may be used. It is also possible to assign colors for a production job and calibrate them on our media.

Print Layouts

Customized layouts may be created, assigning shape and size to the color chips, and its disposition in respect to the design. Each color chip comes with its name, composition, technical data and, if such was the case, its formulation. The company’s logo may also be included.

Digital Print

The calibration system allows to simulate on paper the results that would be obtained if printing on cloth. Together with our excelent neoStampa RIP, all the necessary parameters are under control, and available for any printer in the market. 

nT Colorations also allows creating new color libraries and view the colors on your screen, with an awsome  accuracy.

nT Colorations Tutorial

Technical Requirements

Mac OS X

Adobe Photoshop CS4, CS5, CS5.5, 32-bits.


Adobe Photoshop from CS4 to CS6, 32-bits.