Control worth your money

Have access to all the information of your printer/s, 
and get an idea of your job costs.

neoControl is an application included in neoStampa that provides information of the printer's operating, such as the estimated costs of prints, or those ready to send.

Real cost calculation

Knowing the cost of a printing job is fundamental in the textile business. Historically, this  value has been very complicated to obtain, though with neoControl -owing to its detailed register of drop type and media cost- you can have a precise estimation cost of any job.  

neoControl also has an application that produces a registry of every printed job, which can be exported as an Excel file too.

Printer Manager

neoControl connects with neoStampa to control the status of the printers and the jobs that have already been printed, all via web interface. 

With the Server version, you can drive up to 4 printers simultaneously, organize job queues, cancel or send new jobs from any authorized computer with an internet connection.

Hot Folders

neoStampa's hotfolders option processes and prints designs with automatic nesting in unattended function. Define different folders for each material and printer, and group  jobs with similar materials from their originating computer to the printer.

Download the user's manual: neoControl_1.0_UserManual_150819.pdf