Meticulous separations

The professional solution to create color separations from any scan or image in RGB.

nT Multicomia is a module for Adobe Photoshop to create professional color separations from any scan or image in RGB.

Automated Separations

A new method to detect and select automatically the colors from an image, also with  special settings for spot colors and halftones.

Never before it's been so fast and easy to create color separations of an image.

Manual Separations

Our new tools to assist you in manual color separations. Simply select a color and decide to add, or subtract it from another one. 

Drag and drop the separations in order to join or save them.

The new keyboard shortcuts will speed up your color separation process.

More Methods

New selection methods for dark and light colors. 

Combine any separation method with another -to add or subtract them-, in real time updates.  

High Quality

With up to 256 levels of gray for each separation, and full control of each gray-level curve, you'll obtain the smoothest and best quality jobs.


nT Multicomia generates an Adobe Photoshop multichannel file -or RGB if you like- of any desired colorway, in order to create fast color proofs.

nT Multicomia Tutorial

Technical Requirements

Mac OS X

Adobe Photoshop CS4, CS5, CS5.5, 32-bits.


Adobe Photoshop from CS4 to CS6, 32-bits.