Your designs where you wish them to be

An amazing virtual simulation engine for Adobe Photoshop, to show designs, patterns, images or colors on any object in 3D.

nT Virtual Vision is a module for Adobe Photoshop that allows to define 3D grated areas from a photograph, where you can apply different textures, colors or materials, preserving the shadows of the original.

The results rendered are photorealistic copies with different and new textures and materials. 

More Ambiences 

Now offering more and better ambiences and models, ready for your testing.

We also offer the service of creating ambiences for our clients. Just send us the ambience or model that you want, and our team will make the simulation for you.


nT Virtual Vision is designed for simulations applied to fashion, home textiles, graphic arts, advertising, automotive and many other markets. 

Simulate and display your latest collection to your customers, without having to actually produce any sample. 


The simulations are generated with a high quality engine, and the shadow effects of the picture are also saved. 

Textures can be scaled and rotated to any rate, but always maintaning the original scales.

nT Virtual Vision Tutorial

Technical Requirements

Mac OS X

Adobe Photoshop CS4, CS5, CS5.5, 32-bits.


Adobe Photoshop from CS4 to CS6, 32-bits.