The digital textile printing sector is constantly growing and we know the need to be constantly trained, either to continue growing as professionals or for all those who want to start in the sector. Every week we will be publishing new webinars, in which we will not only learn all the secrets of our software, but also understand the most necessary concepts about color management, pattern design, and digital printing. Also, we will be publishing free consulting sessions, in which we will limit the number of places and with the attendees, we will be able to work on all their doubts. The workshops will be held in different languages.

Differences between neoStampa 8 and neoStampa9

May 19th 2020

What’s new in neoStampa9? Why should I have to update? In September of last year, we launched the new version of neoStampa, making available to our customer’s impressive new features to make day-to-day life in digital textile printing even easier. Do you want to know what they are? Join us in this webinar and make the most of your neoStampa.

Language: English at 12.30(CET) | Spanish at 16.00PM (CET)

Panelists: Gerard Buch & Luca Sandron


Color Matching: print the same colors with digital textile printers (Advanced training)

2 days of training: June 10th and June 17th

In this training, we will learn from our specialist how to make the most of our digital textile printers: Understand the color profile of your printer, color matching theory, and practice, maintain color stability, and more advanced concepts that will help with your printing results.
Duration: 2 days 1.5h/day | Language: English | Panelist: Inèdit Software Team | Price & Conditions: Consult prices here | ¡Limited seats!

New online training:

Igualación de colores: Imprime siempre los mismos colores con tu impresora digital (Formación avanzada)

El curso dura dos días: 1 de Junio y 8 de Junio

En esta formación, aprenderemos de mano de nuestros especialistas como aprovechar al máximo nuestras impresoras textiles digitales: Entenderemos los perfiles de color,  la teoría y practica de la igualación de colores, los secretos para mantener la estabillidad de color y mucho más para conseguir la perfección en tus resultados de impresión.
Duración: 2 horas | Idioma: Español | Panelista: Departamento técnico Inèdit Software | Precio: Consultar | ¡Aforo limitado!