Blue = Blue

The essential color library complement on your printer. 

neoMatch is the module created to know the colors that are being printed.

Color Library Calibration

From measurements obtained with the spectrophotometer Xrite-i1Pro (or other CVS imported references), this software generates Lab values of your Color libraries, or other standard color libraries. When printing, neoMatch calculates the difference of the Lab values and automatically proposes modified references to achieve equal colors.

This trial-and-error process produces most accurate results within a profile's gamut generated in neoStampa, in 2 or 3 times maximum.

It also offers information about those colors that will never have a precise printed reproduction.

Delta Checker

It grants the possibility of printing a predetermined combination of colors -although a customized selection is also a choice-, to check whether a calibration is done correctly. DeltaE is a value that indicates the deviation degree between the two readings. 

This tools is also used to know if a calibration serves for different media.

Another function of the DeltaChecker is to control the after-printing processes such as washing or steaming. The measurements provided before and after each process allow to detect those areas where there might be imperfections.

New libraries within a Profile

neoMatch advances a series of parameters to generate a new color library, which include all the colors from an RGB profile. 10,000 colors can be produced in 5 seconds.

Technical Requirements

Only for Mac OS X systems.

Supports spectrophotometer Xrite-Eye1 Pro.