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neoTextil. Design plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop™

neoTextil consists of a plug-ins package that is fully compatible with Adobe Photoshop™, especially intended for professionals from the textile design industry.

By using the different modules contained in the neoTextil package you will be able to separate RGB images in color channels and generate multiple color variations easily and intuitively. neoTextil also allows you to create repetition templates for your favorite designs and generate photo-realistic simulations in any model or object.

Get the full neoTextil package or simply obtain the solutions you need, individually. We offer you complete flexibility and we’ll adapt to your needs. Discover everything that neoTextil has to offer!

nT Step&Repeat


neoTextil Step&Repeat is an intuitive and easy to use plug-in that creates repetition patterns of an image or design. This useful tool allows you to perform multiple adjustments in repetition and rapport settings while viewing them in real time.

Choose between horizontal or vertical repetitions and accurately manage the margins and bleeding of the media format you have chosen for printing. With nT Step&Repeat, there are many advantages.

View adjustments in real time

Repetition of designs in any size

Multiple repetition and rapport parameters

nT Masquerade


With the new Adobe Photoshop™ nT Masquerade plug-in, now available in Inèdit’s neoTextil package, you can create extremely precise separations in less than five minutes. Choose the colors you want to separate and the software will do the separations automatically. Save the file obtained in a multi-channel file: the file is ready to be printed or, using nT Colorations, to create color variations.

Export to PSD multichannel files

High-precision separations

Automatic separation & manual feature

nT Colorations


neoTextil Colorations allows you to generate multiple color variants quickly and easily, based on your favorite designs, using your own or imported color libraries. It separates RGB images in channels and works with a single multi-channel file to generate multiple color images with nT colorations.
Discover the perfect combination of colors from infinite possibilities.

Import your own color libraries

RGB, CMYK and LAB supported color spaces

100% customizable layout

nT Virtual Vision


Especially developed for designers, decorators and interior designers, nT Virtual Vision allows you to view your designs in any environment, model or object by producing photorealistic simulations and keeping the shade, movement, and proportions of the original photograph intact.

nT Virtual Vision is an ideal application to design commercial catalogs and attractive product presentations without having to produce real samples, thus saving time and money. You will achieve stunning results and surprise your clients without needing technical expertise in digital modeling.

100% photo-realistic simulations

Ideal for designing commercial catalogs

Apply any scale or rotation factor

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Minimum equipment requirements

4GB of RAM (16GB recommended)
500Gb hard drive

Supported operating systems

Mac OS Mojave 10.14 to Ventura 13.2.1. Intel multi-core processor with 64-bit support.
Windows 10, Windows 11. Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 or AMD equivalent with 64-bit support.

Supported versions of Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop® – Minimum: CC 2019 – Recommended: 2023 (24.4.1).
Illustrator® – Minimum: (24.0) – Recommended: 2023 (27.0)