Textile design - neomatch

neoMatch. The ideal color managment tool to obtain
maximum accuracy when calibrating color libraries

neoMatch generates LAB values from measurements obtained with your X-Rite spectrophotometer i1 Pro and other imported references (e.g. Pantone libraries).

When printing, neoMatch calculates the difference of the Lab values and suggests modified references to achieve the same colors. This process produces highly accurate results within the range of profiles generated in neoStampa (printing RIP) and provides information about colors that will never be printed accurately.

Textile design

Delta Checker Function

This useful feature of neoMatch enables you to check if a calibration has been carried out correctly and if it can be used to print on different substrates. In addition, Delta Checker allows you to control processes such as washing or vaporizing, by comparing the measurements provided before and after each process to detect areas where there may be imperfections.

Simple and intuitive interface

Accurate calibration of color libraries

Generation of the LAB values of libraries

Export of color libraries

Generation of libraries within a profile

Integrated solution with other Inèdit products

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Minimum equipment requirements

4GB of RAM (16GB recommended)

500GB hard drive

Supported operating systems

Mac OS X 1.9 or superior

Supported operating systems

X-Rite i1 Pro