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Acquisition of Inèdit Software advances Efi’s growth strategy in high-value digital imaging

Electronics For Imaging, Inc. (“EFI™”), a Siris portfolio company, today announced that it has acquired Inèdit Software S.L., a developer of raster image processors (RIPs) and related software for digital industrial textile printing. The acquisition extends EFI’s strategy to accelerate digital transformation in industrial print through investments that advance the company’s presence and capabilities in […]

Barbieri Spectro LFP qb Textile Edition now with neoStampa Delta

Understanding the advantages of RIP Software for DTG

The importance of digital textile printing has grown significantly throughout the last decade. While the process is challenging and the workflow must be well understood, technological advances in software, printing equipment, print heads and inks, have allowed the creation of more cost-effective solutions for short print runs. Direct-to-garment [DTG] printing represents a growing segment of […]

DTF vs DTG: Which is the best alternative?

The pandemic has prompted the small studios focused on Print-on-demand production and with it, DTG and DTF printing have hit the market, increasing the interest of manufacturers who want to start working with personalized garments.   Since now, Direct-to-garment (DTG) has been the main method used for t-shirt printings and small productions, but in the last […]

Understanding the advantages of RIP software for DTG printing

Inèdit Software assesses the benefits of direct-to-garment (DTG) printing, its impact on the industry, and how the use of the right software can improve production workflows and end results. The importance of digital textile printing has grown significantly throughout the last decade. While the process is challenging and the workflow must be well understood, technological […]

5 tricks to create a good profile that only the best will know: 

A profile is one of the main concepts to know and master when talking about colour management. If you want to print accurate colours and get the most out of your colour output devices, you need to know the steps to get the best possible profile. To start talking about profiles, we need to have […]

Design in RGB for better print results

Designing in RGB for printing is possible. One of the first decisions we will have to face in the design process for printing will be the color method we want to use: CMYK or RGB. There is a general belief that we should work in RGB for designs that are going to be seen on […]

Why is Adobe Photoshop the best tool on the market for textile design and color management?

Adobe Photoshop: The leading tool in the design In the last decades, Adobe Photoshop has positioned itself as one of the most important tools in the management of pixel-based images. With Photoshop, not only do we have at our disposal a wide range of tools for editing, transforming, and enhancing images, but you can also […]

Introduction to color management with Adobe® Photoshop

Adobe® Photoshop® is one of the main tools used for textile printing designers. But how should we manage color so that our textile design can be reproduced accurately? In this Webinar, you will discover the answer to questions such as: Why do we need Adobe® Photoshop® to print colors precisely? How to use color modes? […]

Inèdit Software presents neoStampa Delta, featuring a DTG mode and a new PDF print engine.

The new release of Rip Software will feature a new engine for faster and more accurate PDF printing, a specific mode for DTG and  performance and color reproduction improvements. Barcelona, November 9th 2020 On November 4th, Inèdit Software presented the new version of neoStampa Delta. They did it from a virtual event where the same […]