Neocatalog Textile Design Software

neoCatalog. The ultimate solution for organizing your designs and comprehensively managing your workflow.

neoCatalog enables you to organize and share your designs online, create multiple color variations and generate stunning simulations so that you can view your creations in any model or object before sharing or sending them to production, in just a few clicks.

It centralizes the original files of your designs in neoCatalog and shares versions that are optimized in size and weight. Forget about using cumbersome processes to transfer files. Surprise your clients and contributors with attractive online galleries, regardless of your geographic location.

Without a doubt, this is the most comprehensive management software for textile industry professionals.


Image catalog

With neoCatalog, you can centralize your workflow in one place. It lets you organize your designs by creating custom galleries and, in turn, share them online with clients or partners, regardless of their geographic location.

Attractive and user-friendly interface

You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to work with neoCatalog. Organizing and sharing your designs, and managing your workflow, has never been so easy. neoCatalog is completely unique.


Creating colors

Upload your designs in neoCatalog and generate the color variations you want in just a few minutes, without needing any technical expertise. Select the designs you want to display, create a gallery and share it with whomever you want. Easy, isn’t it?

Photo-realistic simulations

Thanks to this feature, your clients will get an accurate idea of what your designs will look like: a dress, t-shirt, swimsuit, sofa, duvet, pillow, foulard, etcetera. Save time and money by avoiding unnecessary production of samples.


Access control

As an administrator, you will have full control over user access at all times. You decide who can access your catalog, which galleries you share and what level of access permission you give to individual users.

Search by keyword

neoCatalog’s powerful file manager lets you efficiently organize all your designs by keywords. Find what you are looking for in a matter of seconds.

Work Orders

With neoCatalog, you can generate work orders straightforwardly and send them directly to the production department via neoStampa, our RIP for digital printing.

nC iOS for iPad & iPhone

neoCatalog lets you manage your designs from your computer, tablet or mobile phone. Download the neoCatalog app from our website and use your iPhone or iPad to manage your catalog.

Free support

When you purchase a neoCatalog license you’ll receive one year’s free technical support from the date your license is activated. At the end of the first year, if you update your license you will continue to receive full support.

Integrated solution

neoCatalog can be used independently and can operate seamlessly with other programs and plug-ins to significantly improve the efficiency of your workflow.

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Minimum equipment requirements:

4GB of RAM (16GB recommended)
500GB hard drive

Supported operating systems:

Mac OS X 1.9 or superior
Windows 7 or superior

Supported browsers:

Safari 6.X
Google Chrome 29.X
Mozilla Firefox 23.X