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Screen printing / Film

Print colors beyond your limits

neoStampa is the reference Rip Software in digital printing based on its ability to reproduce colors regardless of the substrate, ink, or machine used.

neoStampa Delta arrives to take a step further. Now you can print any type of PDF file thanks to the incorporation of the new Mako® engine from Global Graphics®. In addition, we have improved performance, being able to rasterize files up to 5 times faster. neoStampa Delta also includes a DTG mode with fast and precise calibration for the best results. Want to discover more? We’ll show you below.

In PDF we believe

Print PDF faster, reproduce color, and obtain smoother gradients.

neoStampa Delta incorporates the Mako® PDF engine from Global Graphics®. Now, neoStampa is compatible with all PDF/X standards, guaranteeing the exact reproduction of the design. This means that you can now print any file in PDF format, with faster rasterization and preserving the colors you see on screen. In addition, with neoStampa Delta, you can print smoother gradients, both with normal and fluorescent inks.

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New applications are coming

Open your mind to new markets. The incorporation of the new PDF engine means that now with neoStampa you can achieve the best results in all the digital printing applications you can imagine: Sportswear, Advertising, Film, Ceramics and much more.

New DTG mode

Quick calibration and saving of
up to 50% ink, without affecting the result

neoStampa Delta incorporates a new module for DTG with which you can save ink and time. Calibrate your printers in just 2 steps, obtaining results in less than 30 minutes easily.
In addition, you can save up to 50% of white ink using neoStampa Delta, thanks to the advanced system of white auto-adjustment under the semi-transparent areas of the drawing.
The DTG mode includes features specially designed to obtain the best results in your prints such as the Advanced Choke system, Highlight effect, and transparent channel interpretation.

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All under control

With the new control center organize your print queues, know the costs of your jobs and export periodic reports. 

In the new control center, you can find two panels to obtain information about your work. On the one hand, you will have a screen to manage your printing queues, with which you can be updated on the production of the brand, organize the jobs and stop or start production at any time, from anywhere.

On the other hand, we have the new cost control.   Now you will be able to see in real-time the meters printed, the speed, and the ink consumption, of each of your printers. You can choose which date range you want to see the data and personalize the price of the inks obtaining this way the real cost of your jobs. Afterward, you can export a periodic PDF with all the data.

neoStampa for Film

neoStampa Delta includes a module for printing film for offset flexo and screen printing. We also have an automatic calculation to suppress the moiré effect in the overlapping of photolites. With neoStampa you can modify the printing head with which you want to print the black.

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Print in Ceramics

With neoStampa and the plug-in for Adobe® Photoshop® Fine tuning, get the best color results at the time of production. With Fine Tunning you will be able to modify the color of each channel of your printer at the time of production, obtaining always the desired results without depending on the design department.

Color Matching
With neoStampa Delta continues to get the best color results. Inèdit is characterized by working with ICC RGB output profiles. This has always been the foundation of Inèdit’s color management. Get the same result, from the screen to the printing. This will also allow you to obtain always the same colors, regardless of the substrate, ink or printer used.

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neoStampa Delta.

Print colors beyond your limits

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