neoStampa Delta x DTG

DTG/DTF Printing

Direct to garment printing is evolving day by day and is focused on obtaining better results at a lower cost. Print the most powerful t-shirts on the market. With neoStampa Delta save ink, time and get the best colors your printer can give you.

Quick Calibration

Calibrate your printer in just 2 steps and less than 30 minutes

White auto-adjustment

Advanced system of white auto-adjustment under semi-transparent areas

Highlight effect

Highlight effect to emphasise the white areas of our design which we need to be stronger

Up to 5 times faster

neoStampa Delta has been designed to rip and print up to 5 times faster than before

Support transparent channel

Support and automatic detection of the transparency channel of any format that requires it.

Save up to 30% of white ink

Thanks to our new white generation mode, save up to 30% of white ink

Choke system

Print your color areas precisely with the choke system of neoStampa Delta

Control Center

Organize your printing queues and be aware of production costs with the new control center

Update to neoStampa Delta

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