neoStampa Delta x Film

Screen printing (Film)

Sportswear printing requires precision in color management to be able to reproduce the same results on different jobs and maintain uniformity. It is characteristic of this type of production to work with PDF files, to use fluor colors and many gradients. neoStampa Delta has been specially designed to satisfy these needs.

Customise the Halftone Screen

Select the dot shape, angle, frequency, and resolution of the Halftone Screen

Forget the moiré effect

With our automatic calculation, you can forget about the moiré effect.

Up to 5 times faster

neoStampa Delta has been designed to rip and print up to 5 times faster than before

Black Calibration

Create a specific scheme to control the opacity of colors.

Color control

neoStampa Delta allows you to control your channels and associative colors.

Registration Marks

Select and customize the registration marks for printing.

Update to neoStampa Delta

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