neoStampa Delta x Sportwears

Sportwear printing

Sportswear printing requires precision in color management to be able to reproduce the same results on different jobs and maintain uniformity. It is characteristic of this type of production to work with PDF files, to use fluor colors, and many gradients. neoStampa Delta has been specially designed to satisfy these needs.

PDF/X Support

Reach the best colors using PDF/X files with the integration of Mako® from Global Graphics

Best gradients

New modes to print smoother and more accurate gradients

Fluor library

Integrates a special color library to be loaded into your design software

Up to 5 times faster

neoStampa Delta has been designed to rip and print up to 5 times faster than before

Reproduce colors

Print what you see from the screen to the printer

Spot Colors

Support and automatic detection of spot colors in PDF

Print always the same

Always print the same results regardless of the printer, the moment or the result

Control Center

Organize your printing queues and be aware of production costs with the new control center

Update to neoStampa Delta

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