neoStampa 9: The new version of the RIP Software that will allows you to connect your workflow

This September Inedit Software will launch neoStampa 9, the new cutting-edge version of the most popular RIP software for textile digital printing.

neoStampa 9 was born with the idea of facilitating the connectivity of complex workflows. Among its many new features, the most remarkable is the Queue Manager. With it the user will send the printing jobs to different printers in a heartbeat, reducing the job processing time and organising the job queues like a PRO. The new Queue Manager will apply the technology behind Inedit’s PRINT SERVER application, which will become the main ripping station inside neoStampa 9. It will be simply faster and easier to use.

Furthermore, neoStampa 9 includes an upgraded version of the Calibration Wizard, the renowed profiles application. The new Calibration Wizard will include a new linearization process which will generate more precise color curves. Beside, it will come with an intuitive interface and even a 3D visualisation of the profiles, for even better color management.

Finally, with neoStampa 9 it becomes even easier to connect with other textile tools. Thanks to the new QUICK PRINT panel, you will directly print designs from Adobe Photoshop®. The QUICK PRINT panel is not only connected to Adobe Photoshop® but also to neoTextil and neoCatalog , in order to give to the user full control over the textile workflow.

Compatible with the majority of digital printer brands, neoStampa has in recent years become the RIP Software of reference for digital textile printing. Thanks to its unique color management system, prints can be matched regardless of the media, inks and printer used.

Inèdit Software will officially launch neoStampa 9 on September 9, 2019 and will present it with a Webinar where they will show all the new features.

Digital Printing Workflow

Take a tour of digital printing at ITMA Barcelona with Inèdit Software

Inèdit Software together with some of the most important printing brands in the industry will take advantage of ITMA Barcelona to show a complete Digital Printing workflow.

From 20th to 26th June, the most expected exhibition in the sector, returns to Barcelona. At ITMA we can find all the important players in digital textile printing: printer manufacturers, paper and fabric suppliers, as well as ink manufacturers and software developers specialised in the industry, like Inèdit Software.

In order to share its more than 25 years of industry knowledge and show visitors exactly how a complete digital textile printing workflow works, Inèdit Software has joined the world’s best printer brands to show visitors an entire process from file preparation to final printing, obtaining the best market results. 

From hall 3 stand B133 Inèdit Software will make a tour of different stands showing the processes of digital textile printing. During the tour you will see how to prepare a file with Adobe Photoshop® and how to print in different kind of printers, from direct to textile machines to sublimation. All united by a common denominator, neoStampa, the Rip Software that allows printing on different machines obtaining exactly the same results.

This action has had a great reception among the collaborating companies, where we find great brands from all over the world such as MS, Aleph, Atexco, Flora, DGI, Homer, Mtex, Kerajet or Colorjet.

Moreover, in order to keep sharing knowledge on the market, Inèdit Software will contribute to the European Digital Textile Conference organised by the magazine wTin on June 24, where we will discuss, along with other companies, the importance of the digital textile workflow from concept to finished product.


neoCatalog: Gestiona tus diseños y aprovéchalos al máximo

Inèdit Software presents neoCatalog, an interactive catalog especially designed to organize and manage textile designs. With neoCatalog, professionals of textile design and digital printing can take the total control of their jobs, storing them easily, tagging them by keywords and organizing them with personalized galleries.

Furthermore, with neoCatalog they can have their design ready to show to costumers, creating different colorways and allows you to view your designs in any environment, model or object by producing photorealistic simulations.

“neoCatalog is the first tool specially developed for the management of textile designs.” Says Oriol Martínez, Product Owner at Inèdit Software. “We started by creating neoCatalog Server, a version that we customized exclusively for large companies, adapting to their processes. After years of understanding the needs of these clients, we have decided to create a neoCatalog within reach of everyone, for small design studios, freelancers or medium and large companies, who have a considerable volume of designs and want to organize and manage them. At the same time, we continue to develop neoCatalog Server for large companies.”

neoCatalog is also created to facilitate the communication between  the agents involved in the workflow. Designs and galleries could be easily shared with an invitation system. In addition, the neoCatalog administrator will be able to decide users privilegies, which can give different benefits to the departments involved in the work process.

“With neoCatalog you could improved the communication between departments. The designers have a space where to organize their work, they store them in galleries separated by seasons so if they need an old design or to see a complete collection it is very comfortable for them. And once finished, they send to the commercial department what they want to sell” continue Oriol Martínez “On the other hand, the commercials can access the catalog, create different colorways, make photorealistic assemblies with different models and show how the design would look in a real environment to the clients, without the need to depend on the designers”.

neoCatalog can be used as a sales tool. It’s possible to create personalized layouts where showing the design on a virtual simulation, the colors that has been used and the data of your company or clients one.

neoCatalog is a tool of Inèdit Software, a company with more than 25 years working in the development of software for the textile industry. Together with neoStampa, Rip Software for the digital textile printing and neoTextil, textile design plugins for photoshop, neoCatalog complete a set of solutions designed to generate a 100% integrated workflow, providing agile and effective communication between the departments involved.


Datacolor® and global software company Inèdit introduce color selection solution for digitally printed textile industry

Datacolor®, a global leader in color management technology, announced today it has partnered with digital software developer Inèdit Software to introduce a color measurement and selection solution to the digitally printed textile industry. The partnership pairs Datacolor’s professional color matching tool, ColorReaderPRO, with Inèdit’s proven textile design software neoCatalog, enabling designers to accurately measure color inspiration in the real world and update their textile designs instantaneously with the measured color.

“Thanks to the rising popularity of fast fashion, designers in the digitally printed textile industry have been eager for solutions that will allow them to turn inspiration into new designs as quickly as possible,” said Oriol Martínez, Business development manager of Inèdit. “By pairing our leading software with ColorReaderPRO, industry professionals can achieve reliable, accurate color and get their digitally printed textile designs to market faster than ever.”

The solution allows designers to capture color inspiration using the hand-held ColorReaderPRO tool, and transfer it wirelessly into a textile design using the Inèdit iPad app, similar to an eyedropper feature on a computer. Inèdit’s software connects designers, print houses and manufacturers, ensuring the exact color measurements are communicated.

“We are excited to bring our ultra-portable, best-in-class color selection tool to the digital textile industry through our partnership with Inèdit Software,” said Brian Levey, Vice President of Consumer Solutions for Datacolor. “Because ColorReaderPRO is compact and easy to use, designers can measure any source of color inspiration, wherever it strikes – whether in the office or on the go. We offer our partners native SDKs for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac to simplify the integration of ColorReaderPRO into their software applications, enabling multiple applications in various industries”

The Inèdit software for ColorReaderPRO will be debuted at the SGIA Print Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada, at the Inèdit booth #1285 from October 18 – 20, 2018. To learn more, visit http://colorreader.datacolor.com/textile/


About Datacolor

Datacolor, a global leader in color management solutions, provides software, instruments and services to assure accurate color of materials, products, and images. The world’s leading brands, manufacturers and creative professionals have used Datacolor’s innovative solutions to consistently achieve the right color for more than 45 years.

The company provides sales, service, and support to over 100 countries throughout Europe, the Americas, and Asia. Industries served include textile and apparel, paint and coatings, automotive and plastics as well as photography, design and videography. For more information, visit: Datacolor.com.


Digital Textile Software - inedit


One more year, we will be present at ITMA ASIA, held in Shanghai from 15 to 18 October.

Come and see our digital printing RIP, we will be delighted to introduce ourselves.

Visit us in Hall 5, booth D09.

Digital Textile Software

SGIA EXPO – Las Vegas

This year we will be participating in the next edition of SGIA Las Vegas 2018,
from October 18 to 20.

We will show how to work with a complete workflow provided with our 
software of textile design and digital printing.

Visit us 
at booth 1285


Obtain your free expo pass with our code: 369491

Regist here


Are you ready to share?

neoCatalog is almost here. Our software of organizing designs and teamwork already is in beta version. Since now, neoCatalog was available on Server version, especially targeting for big companies with specific needs and infrastructures.

New neoCatalog arrives as the perfect tool for managing the workflow of textile design and digital printing.

The new neoCatalog app, allows you the access of your files directly from your desktop or ipad. Furthermore, you can manage your users with licenses, having as accounts as you are going to use.

neoCatalog is moderated in order to be accessible to all kinds of companies, small and large, and thus improve the flow of communication, sharing and organizing designs.

With a proper communication flow, it will be possible for all the people involved in the process of textile design and printing to have access to the files they need. You decide which files to share with whom.

In addition, with its high-precision search engine, you’ll be able to find your designs from keywords.

neoCatalog helps you efficiently organize your designs, connect your processes and manage your digital flow. It’s the smartest way to surprise your customers with a 100% personalized image gallery, attractive colors and photorealistic simulations. In short, the best management solution for professionals in the textile sector.

If you want to know more about neoCatalog visit us at SGIA Las Vegas, from 15 to 19 October. Visit us at stand 1285.

Textile Design Software 

This october, let’s meet

Two of the most important exhibitions of the digital textile industry is going to be celebrated this October: ITMA ASIA & SGIA Expo. Inèdit Software will be there showing the visitors their professional solutions for the digital textile printing market.

The week of October 15 to 19 is starring by the celebration of two of the most important events in the digital textile industry. From 15 to 18 of October in Shanghai, we can enjoy one more year of ITMA, one of the most famous trade fairs of textile and garment technology. The same week, from 18 to 20 of October, another important fair is celebrating in Las Vegas: SGIA Expo.

In both will be Inèdit Software, a pioneer in the market with over 25 years creating solutions for the digital textile industry.  In Shanghai, the visitors may know the new improvements of neoStampa, the RIP Software of reference in the sector of Digital Textile Printing that can be used with the main printers in the market. neoStampa allows the best color management, cost control, image editing, calibration and creation of print profiles. They will also present neoTextil, a pack of plugins for Adobe Photoshop® specially created for Textile Designers. Creating unlimited colorways and color separations easily and intuitively is possible with neoTextil. You can also design patterns of repetitions and virtual simulations of your favorite designs.

In SGIA EXPO Inèdit Software will show the numerous advantages of working with a workflow integrating all the software of the company. This time, the starring will be neoTextil together with neoCatalog.

neoCatalog is the definitive solution for designs organization and complete workflow managing.

With neoCatalog, you can upload, organize and share your designs online, create multiple color variants and generate virtual simulations, before sharing in a few clicks. neoCatalog also includes an intuitive app, available for iPad&iPhone, which will allow you to work offline. 

With neoCatalog, you can share all the information you need with different departments in your workflow, including the production and print department.