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Introduction to color management with Adobe® Photoshop

Adobe® Photoshop® is one of the main tools used for textile printing designers. But how should we manage color so that our textile design can be reproduced accurately?

In this Webinar, you will discover the answer to questions such as:

Why do we need Adobe® Photoshop® to print colors precisely?
How to use color modes?
What is a color profile and how to use it?
How to work in RGB mode?

Click on the video and enter the world of color management for textile design:




neoCatalog: Gestiona tus diseños y aprovéchalos al máximo

Inèdit Software presents neoCatalog, an interactive catalog especially designed to organize and manage textile designs. With neoCatalog, professionals of textile design and digital printing can take the total control of their jobs, storing them easily, tagging them by keywords and organizing them with personalized galleries.

Furthermore, with neoCatalog they can have their design ready to show to costumers, creating different colorways and allows you to view your designs in any environment, model or object by producing photorealistic simulations.

“neoCatalog is the first tool specially developed for the management of textile designs.” Says Oriol Martínez, Product Owner at Inèdit Software. “We started by creating neoCatalog Server, a version that we customized exclusively for large companies, adapting to their processes. After years of understanding the needs of these clients, we have decided to create a neoCatalog within reach of everyone, for small design studios, freelancers or medium and large companies, who have a considerable volume of designs and want to organize and manage them. At the same time, we continue to develop neoCatalog Server for large companies.”

neoCatalog is also created to facilitate the communication between  the agents involved in the workflow. Designs and galleries could be easily shared with an invitation system. In addition, the neoCatalog administrator will be able to decide users privilegies, which can give different benefits to the departments involved in the work process.

“With neoCatalog you could improved the communication between departments. The designers have a space where to organize their work, they store them in galleries separated by seasons so if they need an old design or to see a complete collection it is very comfortable for them. And once finished, they send to the commercial department what they want to sell” continue Oriol Martínez “On the other hand, the commercials can access the catalog, create different colorways, make photorealistic assemblies with different models and show how the design would look in a real environment to the clients, without the need to depend on the designers”.

neoCatalog can be used as a sales tool. It’s possible to create personalized layouts where showing the design on a virtual simulation, the colors that has been used and the data of your company or clients one.

neoCatalog is a tool of Inèdit Software, a company with more than 25 years working in the development of software for the textile industry. Together with neoStampa, Rip Software for the digital textile printing and neoTextil, textile design plugins for photoshop, neoCatalog complete a set of solutions designed to generate a 100% integrated workflow, providing agile and effective communication between the departments involved.